Manolo, I love your shoe recommendations, but, unfortunately, I’m just a poor working girl who struggles each month to get by. Can you recommend a pair of sandals for me that won’t cost an arm and a leg? —Christina

Manolo says, as always, the Manolo recommends saving your monies and buying the high-quality super fantastic shoes, because nothing provides as much pleasure as wearing the beautiful, durable, well-made shoes that fit properly.

Still, at the same time, the Manolo knows what it is like to be poor, indeed so poor, you must fashion your own super fantastic summer sandals out of the moldy corks and castoff foil you scavenged from behind that trendy wine bar next to the yoga pants store.

And so, because of this, the Manolo has much sympathy for the poor working girls who live in the 400-square-feets studios where the oven of the two-burner stove must also serve as the dirty laundry hamper. (Remember the time you pre-heated your camisoles and that hunky fireman who showed up laughed at you? Sadly, it was not the good kind of “ho, ho, ho, you are so cute and ditzy” laughter, but the “ha, ha, ha, wait till I tell the other guys at the station about this” jeering sort of laughter.)

Here is the Gale from Sam Edelman ($58,, the kicky thong sandal with the beaded accents that will be perfect for your summer wearing needs.

And, look, it is on the sale, less than $60!