I am a Netflix dropout. I dropped out because I would order a movie, and it would sit, unwatched, for millennia.

Now Netflix is dangling a frozen banana in front of me: 15 new episodes of the sitcom I love more than my own children: “Arrested Development.”

To find out about re-upping, I IM’d with a Netflix customer-service rep. Here’s what I learned:

Even though I am a former member, I’m still eligible for the “first month free” deal. I worried that if I were to watch all “AD” episodes, then cancel, Netflix would be mad. Netflix guy says: “Not at all. We will save your account information and you can come back whenever you’d like.” I just won’t get another free month in the same year.

To stream Netflix to a TV, you need a device such as a Blu-ray player, Roku or game console. Prices: $50 to $400. Find options at Netflix.com/nrd.

Netflix will not make the new episodes available on DVD at this time. But maybe someday. Then you could order the DVD, cancel your membership and pay a $14 “nonreturn fee” to keep the DVD forever.

As George Michael Bluth might say, “I like the way Netflix thinks.”