Now that Memorial Day is here, I can finally wear white shoes again. Please recommend something casual. I should mention that I wear a size 12.  —Antonia

Manolo says, have you not heard the news? The ancien régime has been overthrown, and the Jacobins of fashion are busily marching the most honored of traditions straight up to the guillotine.

Who today (except for the Manolo’s friend Antonia) cares about the old rule that allows the wearing of white only between the days of Memorial and Labor? Even the Manolo, who is so stodgy he occasionally wears the four-piece suit to the beach, has given up trying to care about the white clothing rule. It is the vestige of the era of no air conditioning and ladies maids and is best left behind with the corset and bustle. And so the Manolo says, if it is April and the weather is warm, wear the white shoes upon your feets.

Speaking of no corsets and white in the summer, now that the magnificent Baz Luhrmann has revived “The Great Gatsby,” perhaps it is the time to bring back the classic tennis outfits of that 1920s: drop-waist, pleated, knee-high skirts, sleeveless tops, cotton pullover sweaters, all in glorious, summery white. Frankly, the Manolo is tired of Day-Glo booty skirts, spandex bandeau tops and tennis stars who dress like hoochie mamas.

Here is the Kimi from the Munro American ($200,, the smart-looking white driving moccasin that goes all the way up to the size 13.