MYKKI. BLANCO. That’s all an entire page of my notebook says.

Blanco repeated her name a lot when she played Comet Ping Pong in March, like a mantra. And now her new EP “Betty Rubble: The Initiation” is out, its NSFW cover radiating her sexy, transgressive glory.

Blanco’s been making a name since her 2012 debut, “Cosmic Angel: Illuminati Prince/ss.” She turned up in a fashion spread for Interview magazine and in an excellent cover story in the Village Voice. Pronouns are fluid: Michael Quattlebaum, Blanco’s given name, is a gay man; Blanco is a female persona. Both are muscled, tattooed and graceful.

Backed live by just a DJ, Blanco’s style is somewhere between ’90s New York dark-rappers Gavediggaz and Kurt Cobain — which is to say she is a wild punk. On an older track, “Wavvy,” she warns haters that she’ll slap ’em “with my limp wrist, bro.” She doesn’t explain herself. If you’re riding her dark, turnt-up flow, you get it.

Hip-hop has not been a gay-friendly genre, but much has shifted in even just the past five years. This is Blanco’s time, when swagger and authenticity trumps all.

Shauna Miller is managing editor at the Atlantic's CityLab. You can hit her up on Her.