Ralph Nader, giving the peace sign. Ralph Nader, giving the peace sign.

The Green Party’s champion always has some new cause. Right now, he also has a new book, “Told You So,” a collection of his weekly columns from between 1972 and 2012. What else is he up to? Recruiting billionaires to save the country. We asked him why.

Do you ever think about running for president again?
I have another plan. I think the only people who can break up the two-party system with an independent run or a third party are billionaires. I wrote a [2009 novel], “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!,” that had billionaires turning the country around.

You think a billionaire could win a presidential contest?
The two-party system is so rigged. But it’s not hard for a Perot or a Bloomberg to turn it into a three-way race.

How would you be involved?
I’m going to put out a list of billionaires who, by their stated concern for the country, should consider running in 2016.

Anyone in particular in mind?
Bloomberg came close to running. But he told me 15 percent of Republicans would vote for the Republican nominee if it was Leon Trotsky and 15 percent of Democrats would vote for the Democratic nominee if it was Ayn Rand, and he didn’t think you could fight that. But I think it’s doable.

What’s something non-billionaires can do to improve government?
Start watchdog groups on members of Congress. There are only 535! Nothing stops people from getting some neighbors into a group in each district. And you won’t believe the change.

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