Prep Station
Milly designer Michelle Smith is known for merging Nantucket-classic prints with New York City-edgy cuts. Her limited-edition collection for Banana Republic (Bananarepublic.com and stores) brings her poppy, preppy vibe to women’s frocks (shown, $130), shore-ready bags (shown, $130) and, a first for Smith, such men’s staples as bright polos (shown, $50) and wild printed shorts ($65). A bonus: Prices are about half those of the original line.

Cook, Off
For those who don’t know the difference between a stove and an oven (and for those who’d rather not heat up their cucinas during a stifling D.C. summer), Christina Suarez Krumsick’s book “No Bake Makery” is a cool solution for entertaining ($20, Grand Central Life & Style). Recipes include a mix-and-serve applesauce cake, cracker cookies and a strawberry Nutella icebox cake (shown). Now, if you could only find another use for all those oven mitts you’ll no longer need.


See Ya, Speedo
In saint-tropez, monsieurs know a bit about looking dapper while hurling themselves into the ocean. They’re often outfitted in bright swim trunks by Vilebrequin, a 42-year-old beachy brand that just jumped into Tysons Galleria (2001 International Drive, McLean, Va., 703-848-8180). Made from quick-drying sailcloth, the shorts come in both men’s and boys’ sizes ($135-$250) and rock both prints (black octopi on a field of yellow, tropical blooms) and French-ified colors (pink, cobalt).

A Bootleg Upper
Making gin at home was once the clandestine hobby of Jazz Age imbibers. (Think bathtub, bad-tasting swill and a cop pounding on your door.) But a Homemade Gin Kit ($40, Homemadegin.com) from Arlington’s Sarah and Joe Maiellano helps you LEGALLY turn vodka into an aromatic gin. Use the kit’s juniper berries and other spices to infuse vodka with zippy flavor, then age for 36 hours in the provided bottles. But don’t blame us if wannabe Gatsbys drop by looking for cocktails.

Moist Wanted
Radiators aren’t the only things that can zap your skin of moisture. Sunshine at a long brunch, pre-shore leg shaving and, yes, even margarita-swilling can produce scaly legs and a less-than-sexy decolletage. Elemental Herbology’s new Neroli & Rose Damask Body Cream ($48, Elementalherbologyus.com) harnesses mango, argan oils and rose hips to create a summery smoother. Plus, it smells like some exotic pasha’s palace.