I’ve got this great internship at a cable news network helping in the newsroom. Since this is my first time in a professional setting, I’ve got to buy some new outfits. Can you please recommend some shoes that are not too expensive? —Emma

Manolo says it would have helped if the Emma had mentioned for which of the various news networks she was interning, as it would have made the difference in what the Manolo would recommend. For the example, at the MSNBC, the Manolo imagines it is all sweaty people with bad haircuts in bulky sweaters and sensible shoes, while at the Fox News, it is puffy frat boys in bow ties and icy blond beauties with big hair and cultured pearls.

Of the course, the Manolo could be completely mistaken and that, in fact, the production of the cable network news is more like the making of the tofu, in that it all comes out of the same unappetizing vat of flavorless bean goop. Only at the very end do the crazy chefs add the little bit of flavoring and tons of the MSG to produce the All-American Fox News Tofurkey or the Progressive MSNBC Vegan Hot Dogs.

In this case, the Manolo would imagine the same people work behind the scenes at both places —  likely dressed in the sweatpants, tattered novelty T-shirts and hairnets — as they go about the business of scooping out our daily ration of heavily spiced, meatless news substitute.

Here is the Cole Haan Air Talia Wedge ($129, in a maple color, perfect for the summery office.