When creator Dan Harmon was fired from NBC’s “Community” after three seasons, I wrote that it would never be the same. I was right — sort of.

The Season 4 writers were so concerned with appeasing fans, they recycled premises from old episodes to the point of exhaustion. The show I loved so much was wandering around with no direction, no soul and no jokes.

I was hoping NBC would put it out of its misery, yet the network renewed it. I was done.

Or so I thought.

The news broke over the weekend that Harmon would return for Season 5, reportedly because the cast complained about the quality of Season 4.

On Monday, I happened to be interviewing Jim Rash, above, who plays Dean Craig Pelton, and he was excited for Harmon. “If we’re going to close this chapter, let’s try to close this with the guy” who created it, Rash said.

Now Harmon must figure out what to do with a season he says he hasn’t watched. I hope he treats it all as a dream, or — to borrow from the show’s canon — an alternate time line where “Community” isn’t funny.

What he does, though, isn’t as important as the fact that he gets to do it. Harmon has his “Community” back — and by extension, so do I.