"It could be worse," she thought. "I could be Miss Havisham." “It could be worse,” she thought. “I could be Miss Havisham.”

In the Israeli film “Fill the Void,” out Friday, an Orthodox Jewish girl is pressured to marry her sister’s widower. That’s a little odd, but moviegoers have attended many strange weddings.

“The Philadelphia Story”
In this 1940 classic, Katharine Hepburn plays a woman who’s all set to be remarried — until her ex (Cary Grant) and a photographer (Jimmy Stewart) show up and ruin everything. By which we mean “be adorable.”

“Prelude to a Kiss”
Something goes wrong at every wedding; in this 1992 film the bride switches souls with an old man after a quick kiss. At least that makes centerpiece concerns a bit irrelevant.

“Kill Bill Vol. 1”
It’s not considered ideal for a bride to be pregnant at the altar. It’s also not great to have Tarantino direct a movie with a wedding in it, since pretty much everyone will end up dead, as they did in this 2003 kung-fu flick.

“Bride Wars”
This 2009 “comedy” proves that one Oscar winner (Anne Hathaway) and one nominee (Kate Hudson) do not a good movie make. Two best friends turn into enemies because weddings make girls crazy! Am I right?

“Four Weddings and a Funeral”
This 1994 romcom brought Hugh Grant to a grateful nation, and most of the weddings are lovely. Except for the one where a beloved character dies. Silver lining? One less thank-you note to write.