I’ve been watching Jon Stewart satirize the news since I was 11. He may not be a traditional talk-show host, but he’s the closest I’ll ever get to a Johnny Carson figure.

Every night (or the next day, via DVR), I turn to Stewart to make sense of a world that’s equal parts horrendous and ridiculous. He’s guided me through presidential elections, political scandals and the absurdity of Fox News with biting satire, and through national tragedies with great poignancy.

I didn’t think “The Daily Show” could exist without Jon Stewart.

But a week into John Oliver’s tenure as fill-in host, I haven’t missed Stewart once. The Senior British Correspondent has been so good at hosting that I’m not sure how he could return to his old job in September.

I was also (wrongfully) skeptical of Stephen Colbert when he left to host “The Colbert Report,” but Oliver’s transition has been even smoother. He’s handled the NSA and Prism deftly and has shown a gleeful willingness to poke fun at himself.

“The Daily Show” still feels like the series I grew up with. The jokes now just come with a British accent.