CBS’ creepy miniseries “Under the Dome,” based on Stephen King’s novel, arrives at 10 p.m. Monday. The premise: An invisible dome seals a seemingly wholesome Maine town off from the world. In episode one, characters ask lots of questions. I’ve done my best to give answers.

“Whaaaat happened?” CBS wants to shake up its “geriatric” image with a “True Blood” vibe. People die in yucky ways! People have sex on camera (though private parts are not shown)! There’s a secret stash of propane and we don’t know why! And actress Dale Raoul, the fabulously frumpy Mrs. Fortenberry in HBO’s vamp series, has a cameo as a nosy townie!

“Where the hell did it come from?” From aliens or from Bjork, because the town radio station picks up an odd broadcast that sounds like a mixtape of aliens talking and Bjork singing.

“What is it?” It’s SYMBOLISM. King has famously said, “The fact is we all live under the dome.”

“You think we might be stuck in here a while?” Yeah, for 13 episodes.

“Is everyone all right?” A character notes: “Nothing about this is all right.” Especially for the cow that got sliced in half when the dome descended.