Since the ending of “Monsters, Inc.” was nearly perfect, the Pixar powers decided to sell more toys through a prequel. ‘Monsters University’ follows Mike and Sulley through their undergrad years, meaning they join an ancient and honorable company of scholars.

‘Real Genius’
Super-bright teens (including a girl!) find out their professor is using their smarts to develop a military weapon in this 1985 comedy, which is only slightly worse than a prof assigning his own book as a class text and then using it only once.

‘Love Story’
In 1970’s weepiest film, rich kid Oliver and working-class Jenny meet in college, marry and find that “till death do you part” sometimes comes early. Other lessons learned include “love means never having to say you’re sorry,” which is a total lie.

‘Revenge of the Nerds’
Proving that nerds were cool long before everyone was watching “Doctor Who,” this 1984 comedy is about a group of geeks who form their own fraternity. We can only assume their drinking games involved calculus.

‘Animal House’
The 1978 film that spawned a thousand T-shirts worn by a thousand college students is on this list because we don’t want letters complaining we left it out. It’s a really funny movie, too.

‘The Social Network’
Because Aaron Sorkin wrote the screen play and Jesse Eisenberg is the star the dialogue in this 2010 Best Picture nominee moves really fast in fact just as fast as Facebook changes its privacy settings.