In “The Heat,” out Friday, Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are a law enforcement team, and it’s wacky because they’re different from each other! Because what do you want in a duo of cops? Wackiness.

‘Turner & Hooch’
Tom Hanks adopts Hooch after the dog’s master is killed, because dogs can catch criminals, or so thought this 1989 comedy. Hooch’s breed is Dogue de Bordeaux, which from French translates to “Giant Dog Who Drools All the Time Seriously With the Drool.”

‘Rush Hour’
Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker teamed up in 1998 (and 2001 and 2007) to rescue a woman through the powers of kung fu (Chan) and talking really fast (Tucker).

‘Cop and a Half’
Burt Reynolds took a role in 1993 as a kid-hating cop. Guess who they make his partner for some insane reason!

‘Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot’
Estelle Getty joins Sylvester Stallone in 1992’s best senior-citizen-with-a-gun movie. Wait. Clint Eastwood’s “Unforgiven” also came out that year. OK, 1992’s SECOND best senior-citizen-with-a-gun movie.

In The Year of Human-Dog Teams (1989), Jim Belushi worked with Jerry Lee, a German shepherd with a sense of humor. Well, everyone thinks he’s funny because if you don’t laugh he bites your face off.