“Boy Meets World,” the 1990s ABC sitcom that expounded upon the behavioral patterns of suburban juveniles, is lumbering back to life as “Girl Meets World.” Due in 2014, this reboot will focus on Riley, daughter of former “boy” Cory and his crush Topanga. Riley will meet a world with lots of things her parents couldn’t have imagined, like TEXTING! And SEXTING!! OMG!!!

So I guess it’s now officially a thing to update old shows. I would like to humbly propose:

“Jeers.” It’s a bar where everybody knows your name and constantly makes fun of it.

“Seinfeld at Kleinfeld.” The comic’s son, Jerry Jr., toils at the bridal gown shop from TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress.” His advice to a bride-to-be: “That dress looks like a hairball — not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

“Beverly Hillbilly Housewives.” Them hillbilly granddaughters sure love botox ‘n’ squirrel meat.

“Up Dawson’s Creek Without a Paddle.” The original cast returns as elderly versions of themselves. Drama ensues when they go for a canoe ride and an addled Pacey forgets to pack the paddles!