Hosts Georgia Hardstark and Alie Ward as seen on Cooking Channel’s The Alie & Georgia Show, Season 1.

A YouTube video on making McNuggetini cocktails from McDonald’s shakes and chicken bits turned Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark into viral video stars in 2009. Since then, the Los Angeles mixologists/vintage-dress fiends have starred in “Classy Ladies,” a Web series on highball crafting. Their new travel show, “Tripping Out With Alie & Georgia,” just premiered on the Cooking Channel (10:30 p.m. Fridays).

So, the McNuggetini is basically a milkshake spiked with vodka and served in a barbecue sauce-rimmed glass with a McNugget garnish. Are you serious?
Georgia Hardstark: No, it’s pure satire. But our tinkering around with cocktails and food led to our Web series. I think if you can dream it, you can drink it, and that’s what we try to do both on “Classy Ladies” and “Tripping Out.”

Experimenting with cocktails is your shtick. Any tips for people who want to DIY drinks?
Alie Ward:  The easiest way to start making drinks? Play with infusions. Put jalapenos in tequila! Make a simple syrup with spices.
GH:  If you want to be a mad mixologist, get some of your favorite classic cocktail recipes and use those measurements as a guide for your experiments.

On “Tripping Out,” you two visit spots with interesting food and drinks, then come home to L.A. and throw a party inspired by your travels.
GH:  We like to put our own takes on things we’ve tried on our trips. Like we went to Marfa, Texas, where all they seem to drink is beer, and there was like one great tequila drink, the Paloma. So we turned them both into one drink.
AW: It’s more about bringing back an experience than it is getting an exact recipe. In the first episode, we went to Vegas, so at the party afterward, we taught our friends how to play poker.

What’s the key to traveling with a pal and not getting into a fight?
AW:  Well, don’t let yourself get peckish. I always bring travel snacks to ward that off, since a hungry person is often a grumpy traveler.
GH: And if you’re traveling with someone, have their back all the time. Think of yourself as a team.

On your shows, you wear vintage dresses. Any tips on buying them?
GH: Find an era that fits your body well. For instance, I like 1960s dresses because I have big hips. And try everything on if you can  — it’s hard to know what will fit until you put it on.
AW: And go shopping with a friend; then they can zip you up!

How do you manage to look glamorous on the road?
AW:  All my dresses get laid out, put in a garment bag and then folded in thirds. And all my other clothes go in Ziploc bags.
GH:  I bought a travel steamer, which is so valuable when you are in weird hotels where there’s no iron.

Where would you guys like to travel next?
GH: I’m looking at a vintage map on my wall right now, and South America is looking pretty good. I’ve always wanted to go there.
AW: My answer couldn’t be more different. I’d love to do a show in Detroit. I’m fascinated by Americana, especially cities that have gone through an arc of progress and ruin. Jennifer Barger (Express)