Fotobar Store 1
Prints, Not Dead
Outkast didn’t tell  us to “Shake it like an instagram snapshot.” Anyone who still finds physical pictures relevant can bring their smartphone, laptop or tablet to the Polaroid Fotobar pop-up in Union Station (through January, 50 Massachusetts Ave. NE; They simply plug in their 21st-century devices and print photos 20th-century style onto the floppy, white-bordered film (sold in five sizes, starting at $1), canvases (up to $300) or groovy coasters ($5 each) ideal for commemorating, say, junior’s confab with Mickey at Disney World.

Getup for Your Grill
You smear hot dogs with condiments. So it makes sense to hide the thing you cook them on (the grill, not the microwave, duh) with a nylon cover shaped like a mustard bottle (shown, $15, Other styles that will keep Colemans/Webers/Big Green Eggs safe (but looking silly) include a UFO and a sinister chili-pepper man.

Neck of The Woods

Devil's Nightcap 2

Lush’s new Devil’s Nightcap perfume was named after a famous rock in the English countryside, NOT a piece of Satan’s sleepwear ($24.50, Lush, 3066 M St. NW, 202-333-6950). Sage, ylang ylang and oakwood mean the earthy, slightly masculine scent conjures a walk through a forest at midnight.

Turn It Up, Mate
Aussies see a lot more beach time than most Americans. This might be why the retro, Sydney-designed Sunny Life portable radio/media player ($50, Urban Country, 7117 Arlington Road, Bethesda; 301-654-0500) both plays cool tunes and inspires envious glances whether you cart it to the shore at Bondi or Bethany.

Leaf It Alone
Along with their terrarium-dwelling succulent brethren, air plants are the most black-thumb-friendly green things around. Sea & Asters ( sells funky, tiny planters stuffed with the beauties. Styles come in dipped wood (shown, $22) or chalkboard-painted pods ($14).