On my recent vacation in Colorado, I hardly watched any regular TV. Instead, I watched Sky TV.

Sky TV is awesome! No need for cable hookups, satellite dishes or

rabbit ears. Cast your eyes up and there it is, bigger than the biggest-screen TV — and ever changing.

In the town of Salida, Sky TV was a somber reminder of a raging wildfire 100 miles away. By afternoon, wind-born smoke had smothered the blue sky. But smoke has a silver lining. It scatters green and blue light, whose wavelengths are shorter than red, yellow and orange. Result: a blazing must-see sunset.

Do you like drama? One night in Boulder, the missus and I sat on a porch swing in a canyon and enjoyed a show I call “Lightning’s A-Comin’.” Bolts flashed every few seconds. She: “That storm’ll never reach us.” Me: “It’s nearly here.” Spoiler alert: I was right!

For sitcom lovers, Sky TV offers lots o’ laughs. A cloud that looked like a pig ran a race, then turned into a fluffy bedspread. Funnier than “Family Guy,” if you ask me.

Sky TV: It’s the ultimate reality network — only, thankfully, there are no real housewives.