Corvette LeFace is a burlesque dancer who’s been doing variations on the pasties-and-panties striptease tradition in New York for about two years. Her performance Friday as part of the “And I Am Not Lying” showcase has a twist: She pretends to eat a horse’s heart. That’s because she’s performing as Khal Drogo, a warrior king from HBO’s ultra-violent fantasy series “Game of Thrones.” LeFace has been doing Drogo for a year, she says, mostly so she can chomp a heart onstage.

Burlesque is typically old-school and feminine. But your character here is male.
My act is still pretty traditional burlesque. I have a few acts where I strip from a man to a woman, or as a man and I stay a man. I get drawn to certain characters and I want to make an act about them. Like, I have an act as The Jesus from “The Big Lebowski.” I stay The Jesus, but I still strip. I’m obviously a woman and I move my body around the stage like a woman.

How does that play out with Khal Drogo?
He has a lot of facial hair. He has a long braid and a beard and a mustache. Sometimes I’ll seductively strip off the facial hair as if it was a glove, which is a more traditional tease in burlesque.

Where does the horse heart come in?
Well, on “Game of Thrones,” Khal Drogo is the king of these crazy horse people. The way they get initiated into this clan is to eat a horse heart. I do it to AC/DC’s “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It).”

Whoa. You eat a real heart?
No! I’d probably be sick. The first time I did it, I made one out of cookie dough I dyed red. Now I have a fake [rubber] heart that’s hollow inside, and when I squeeze it, all this fake blood comes out.

How do people generally react to the act?
It really depends on if they’re fans of “Game of Thrones” or not. If they are, then they’re really into it. Then there’s the people who are just excited that you’re getting naked, and then there’s the people who are interested in unique and different ways of doing burlesque.

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