If you saw my guide to the band Phish in Weekend Pass last week, scoffed and thought, “Phish sucks,” then I’ve got just the Phish-related thing for you.

On the podcast “Analyze Phish,” fan and “Parks and Recreation” writer Harris Wittels, above left, tries to persuade Scott Aukerman (above right, host of IFC’s “Comedy Bang! Bang!”) to like Phish. If this still sounds awful, that’s the reason it’s funny.

In last week’s episode, our co-hosts were joined by writer/Phish convert Nathan Rabin and Phish-dissing musician Nick Thorburn (of Islands and The Unicorns). Fans called in to suggest Phish jams that would win Aukerman over. Wittels and Rabin got geeky with fellow Phish lovers while Aukerman and Thorburn tore apart the music. As he listened, Thorburn said, he could feel the dreadlocks hitting his face.

During the show, one call-in fan astutely observed that he doesn’t want Aukerman to like Phish. The show works because he piles scorn on the band. Which is why non-Phish fans will find “Analyze Phish” enjoyable. You don’t have to like, or even know about, Phish to laugh at Phish.