It’s no spoiler to say that Ryan Reynolds’ character gets killed in “R.I.P.D.,” out Friday. After all, how else can he join a police unit made up of the dearly departed? Good thing that in the movies, dying can often be the start of the story.

1. Sam Wheat
In the 1990 romantic pottery-instruction film “Ghost,” Patrick Swayze plays a banker killed for a bank code he keeps on a slip of paper in his wallet. Remember that the next time you write your password on a Post-it.

2. Daniel Miller
Sharing your heart is even more difficult when it’s no longer beating. In the 1991 comedy “Defending Your Life,” Albert Brooks is a man whose life is dominated by fear and whose afterlife is dominated by his feelings for Meryl Streep.

3. Joe Pendleton
An overzealous angel takes NFL quarterback Warren Beatty before his time in the 1978 comedy “Heaven Can Wait.” It’s good to be proactive, but not if it results in someone’s death.

4.  Adam and Barbara Maitland
1988’s “Beetlejuice” is really an episode of “House Hunters: Postmortem Edition.” A couple buys their dream house, then dies in a car accident and finds the new, living owners annoying. See, this kind of stuff only shows up after the inspection.

5. Malcolm Crowe
“The Sixth Sense” delivered the biggest shock of 1999 and continues to surprise modern audiences when they realize director M. Night Shyamalan continues to get work after “The Last Airbender.”