Exxsue me, I had to get in the right Frames of Mind to write about “Drunk History” but did not Want to actually become drunken so I took a BenadRYL. Feelin’ no pain, BABY!!! Oops, elbow keeps hitting CAPS lock.

AnyWHO, dRunk histORy is an AWEsome show about HISTORY. I know ALL AbouT history. I took classes in it in school. My hIstory teachers were BO-RING.

“Drunk History” is not boring. A SOMEWhat drunk person tells a HISTORY story and famous people (by which I mean ACTORS and ACTERESSES) pretend to be the persons in that story. So is that John Wilkes Boothy who shoots Abraham LIncoln or is it Leslie Knope’s husband? One and the same!

In ConcLUDSION, this show taught me Booth was jealous of his bro Edwin who was a Better Actor AND MaybE THAT JEALOUSY drove JOHN to become an ASSASSIN. I was like, REALLY? So I LOOKEDITUP on google and OMG, IT COULD be TRUE. So “Drunk History” makes people smarter (and maybe drunker) than any show in the History of Telebision!!!!

Oh! I forgot to say it is on Comedy Central, Tuesdays at 10 a.m., um, no, P.M. My bad!