Passersby who saw clouds of smoke billowing in front of Point Chaud (1736 14th St. NW) last weekend may have worried the creperie was about to ignite. They were in for a sweet surprise.

Every weekend this summer (weather permitting), Point Chaud will lend its sidewalk to Love and Faith Cafe — a bistro set to open at 2424 14th St. NW in October — which serves custard-based ice creams and whole-fruit sorbets frozen with liquid nitrogen ($5.50 for two scoops, $7 for three).

Flavors like cookies and cream and whole vanilla bean are prepared in a KitchenAid mixer retrofitted with a 240-liter tank of the odorless, colorless substance. A lever releases the liquid nitrogen into the bowl, where it evaporates and injects the ice cream base with a thick, white gas at 320 degrees below freezing.

Faith Holmes has been serving her velvety treats in the Washington Convention Center since 2011 under the moniker Faithfully Sweet ( You can sample her goods — and those of more than 15 other local ice cream makers — at the third annual DC Scoop competition Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. (Union Market, 1309 Fifth St. NE).