When I got up this morning, the weatherman was shouting about our big heat wave,  which made me think I want to move to Juneau, Alaska, or maybe buy myself some new sandals. Please advise.  —Lisa

Manolo says, among the many things about the modern world of which the Manolo does not approve, the melodramatic hysteria of the weatherpeoples ranks just below the peoples in the seats in front of you texting commentary on the movie you are watching to the peoples who are sitting in the seats behind you.

Nowadays, our weatherpeoples announce the slightest increase in temperature and humidity as if it were the existential crisis, instead of typical summer weather in the D.C.

“Well, Kelley, you see here on the map, that over the weekend a widespread Mongol horde will move into the area, bringing with it looting and pillaging. Saturday afternoon we can expect the living to envy the dead. But Sunday, things will quiet down, although look for pyramids of skulls appearing outside most major cities.”

“Looks like a rough weekend, Biff. How’s it gonna be on Monday?”

“By Monday afternoon, the Mongols should have moved out of the area, trailing a string of captives, but you might still run into scattered raiding parties during the AM commute. So, pack a sword, just in case.”

Look! It is the Mirelle from the Circus by Sam Edelman ($70,, the supercute sandal for hot days in the big city.