By now you’re aware that Ted’s Bulletin — the diner on Barracks Row with a penchant for all things nostalgic — serves a homemade version of Kellogg’s classic Pop-Tarts (505 Eighth St. SE).

A better-kept secret, however, is that an ice-cream-sandwich version of the pastry exists ($6.99). Customers in the know have enjoyed the delicious off-menu item since the beginning of summer, when pastry chef Rebecca Albright first started serving her hybrid treat. “It’s all about the next big thing,” Albright says. “Look at cronuts.”

There are three sandwich varieties available: pop tarts topped with sprinkles and filled with strawberry jelly, served with vanilla ice cream, above; pop tarts filled with a house-made Nutella, served with chocolate ice cream; and pop tarts filled with peanut butter and topped with a maple glaze and bits of bacon, served with vanilla ice cream.

The desserts (we won’t judge if you eat them for breakfast) will also be available at the new 14th Street location, slated to open in early August.