In “The To Do List,” out Friday, Type A Brandy (Aubrey Plaza) is also Type V, as in virgin. She spends the summer before college methodically working up a to-do list that culminates in Doing It, thereby joining the ranks of movie characters who’ve cashed in their v-card.

The thrust of the story in 2005’s “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” is not really Andy’s desire to have sex, but his need to open up emotionally. And to express his desire to have sex.

Ferris and Angel
In the ’80s, most teen sex films were about guys; in 1980’s “Little Darlings,” two female campers race to lose their virginity; by film’s climax, they discover that sex is more complex than teen movies let on.

Helen Hunt earned an Oscar nomination for last year’s “The Sessions,” playing a sex therapist who helps a man in an iron lung round the bases. He eventually dies, but goes out with a bang.

Jim Levenstein
Pastry lovers everywhere died a little in 1999 when Jason Biggs had his way with a dessert in “American Pie.” He and three friends are on a journey to be the first into bed; by the end they each find a lady willing to come along.

Lucy Harmon
1996’s arty “Stealing Beauty” follows a 19-year-old (Liv Tyler) as she spends a summer in Tuscany looking for her dad, eating al fresco and sampling the local sausage. And you spent that summer working at Dairy Queen.