Everybody’s buzzing about “Orphan Black,” the BBC America series that aired this spring. It’s the talk of Comic-Con! The Emmy noms snubbed it!

So I tuned in via BBC America On Demand. Wow, “Orphan” is really, really bizarre!

Former foster child Sarah, a Brit living in New York, has a child, a nasty boyfriend and bags of drugs. One night, a woman who looks EXACTLY LIKE HER jumps in front of a train. Naturally, Sarah assumes the dead lady’s ID. Benefits: cool apartment, $75K in the bank, a hunky boyfriend who thinks “Beth” doesn’t seem quite the same but puts doubts aside when they have sex. Down side: Beth was a tortured cop who shot a woman after mistaking her cellphone for a gun.

That’s a lot of plot! And there’s more! Sarah has like seven or 11 or 39 look-alikes. I say to my wife: “It’s the same actress!” My wife, fooled by different hairdos, goes, “No it’s not.” And I’m always right!

I don’t fully understand the slightly redonkulous cloning sci-fi drama but love its suspenseful ways and cheeky humor. I’m binge-watching Season 1 and can’t wait for Season 2 in 2014.