Rapper Lil Wayne should wear one of those “parental advisory” stickers at all times. His rare clean verses display a gift for humor: “I’m top dog / you Top Ramen” (from B.o.B’s “Strange Clouds,” featuring Wayne). But working blue works best for Weezy, and his dirtier lyrics are just as funny, if not more so. We can’t print any of them, however, so we’ve created Mad Libs-style templates so you can choose the level of profanity that suits you.

Sample: “She Will”
I like my girl [positive body description], not just kinda fine / [verb] her ’til she [joyful action], call that [romantic activity].

I like my girl [healthy at any size], not just kinda fine / [vacuum] her ’til she [yodels], call that [candlelit dinner].

“No Worries”
She said, “sorry I didn’t [grooming activity], so that [body part] is a little [adjective].” / I put that [body part] in my [body part] / I ain’t got no worries.

“Mrs. Officer”
When I get up all in [pronoun] / We can hear the [celestial beings] callin’ us / We can see the [meteorological phenomenon] before us / And when I’m [preposition] that thang / I’ll make that body [verb].

“(Household pet) Monster”
[Greeting], I’m the [household pet] monster / the [household pet] monster / the [household pet] monster / And you better feed me [household pet] [household pet] [household pet] [household pet] [household pet].

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