My best friend since grade school is getting married for the second time, in Key West, in what she’s describing as a “very informal” ceremony. I know I’m supposed to wear sandals, but I need help with this. I’m not sure which kind. — Sarah

Manolo says the Manolo cannot help it, but when the Manolo hears the words “Key West wedding,” he immediately thinks “gay pirate-themed,” with the Right Reverend Captain Blackbeard the Bear officiating.

But that is only the first problem; the second is that the Manolo hesitates to imagine what the phrase “very informal” means in the context of the Key West, where the physicians at the local urgent clinic have been known to greet the patients bare-chested, Papa Hemingway-style, with the fruity daiquiri in the one hand and the stethoscope in the other.

Thus, the Manolo has many, many questions. For the example, clearly, the shoes will be optional at this wedding, likely the shirts, too.

But what about the pants? Would cargo shorts be considered overly dressy? Will the swim-up bar be hosted? Since the Manolo has been led to believe that gay pirates are the mandatory part of the Key West wedding, is it OK if they only act as ushers, rather than as the groomsmen and bridesmaids?

Here is the Portman sandal from Burberry in the silver, which is on sale for half price ($145, Zappos).