I mean no disrespect to my beloved PB&J (crust cut off with a glass of milk, please), but a recent visit to Mike Isabella’s latest has left me with a different letter on my mind: G (2201 14th St. NW).

The spartanly named sandwich shop located next door to Kapnos (another new Isabella eatery) offers loaf-lovers a variety of 12 sandwiches. Standouts include the chicken parm ($11) with breaded chicken breast filets, house-made tomato sauce and Thai basil for sweetness, and the Jersey Mac ($7), a breakfast sammie on an English muffin whose combo of Muenster cheese, fried duck egg and house-made Taylor ham stole this Jersey girl’s heart.

The best of G’s bunch? The spiced baby goat sandwich (above, $13) piled high with goat meat roasted over a hickory-fired spit, traditional Greek roasted potatoes dressed with lemon, olive oil and garlic, and harissa made in-house. As for the bread: Isabella is keeping mum on where he sources his dough from. Though all you really need to know at this point is that it’ll make you say “OMG.”