Whimsical Dancer is just over 30 inches tall and very, very pregnant. Pam Taylor of Wild Acres Farm in Poolesville, Md., is the miniature horse’s breeder. She and Whim (above) plan to be at Old MacDonald’s Barn at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair starting Friday, waiting for the horse to foal.

How did you get started raising miniature horses?
Two of my daughters were involved in the 4-H Sheep and Swine Club, and the next thing I knew, we were raising pigs and sheep. [Soon] we had in our backyard a mare and a 4-month-old stallion.

They all lived in your yard?
We had a tiny little prefab barn, just a 12- by-16 shelter, then we added on a place for pigs and sheep and built our first paddock. We are a small farm, only 8 acres.

How many minis do you have now?
We have seven. One is my stud, Galloping G Zoom Zoom Zak. I try to bring a mare and her baby up to the fair each year.

What’s special about raising them?
Our fences don’t need to be as tall. And I can have a stallion rear up on me and just say, “Oh, stop it,” and pull him down.

Are you familiar with Li’l Sebastian? He’s a revered tiny horse on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.”
I have not seen that show, but I can believe that because miniature horses are truly delightful.

Montgomery County Fairgrounds, off North Frederick Avenue, Gaithersburg, Md.; Fri.-Aug. 17, 3 p.m.-midnight, $10; 301-926-3100.