With fall fast approaching, I’ve begun to think about what I’m going to wear, specifically, I need a pair of fun boots for the weekends. Please recommend something.  

Manolo says it is never too early to think about what to wear for the coming season, the coming year or the coming decade. Indeed, thinking about what to wear in the future is one of the Manolo’s favorite hobbies, right next to reading the frivolous novels and taking the long naps.

Although the Manolo is the unusual, quasi-obsessive case, thinking that what you will wear in the time of 20 years hence should occasionally be on the mind of every adult person.

This is especially true when the adult person is doing the shopping, when one must ask oneself the question, “Will I still be able to wear this thing in two decades?” This is the two-fold question about style and quality. Is this thing classic enough to withstand the vagaries of fashion, and is it well-built enough to withstand the vagaries of time and usage?

Of the course, there are the categories of things for which this does not apply. Some things are meant to be worn the few times when you are young and lissome and then forgotten, such as the micro-miniskirts and the teeny-bikini swimsuits.

Here is the Mannie from the Kate Spade New York ($350,, the classic ankle boot that will undoubtedly still be wearable in the year 2033.