Half Street is usually where you go to see a Nats game. On Saturday, the Half Street Fairgrounds will rave it up instead with nine hours of hip-hop and electronic dance music at the Trillectro Festival. That’s half “electro,” half “trill” — a word meaning “real,” coined by rapper Bun B of the now-defunct group UGK. So, expect festival realness: more than 20 bands, mad dancing, inflatable “space walks,” food trucks and cool brews. Hometown hero Wale will headline, playing alongside up-and-coming artists that are making their own names fast.

Travi$ Scott

From: Houston

For fans of: G.O.O.D. rappers. Good rappers. Rappers who will probably be famous in the near future, whom you can claim to have known when they were underground.

Sounds like: 2 Chainz with talent.

Out soon: Recently released his debut EP, “Owl Pharaoh.” Check his new single “Upper Echelon” featuring T.I. and 2 Chainz.

So what?: He’s a producer for heavy hitters such as Kanye and Jay Z. T.I.’s on his new single. Seeing him in this kind of setting might not be possible for much longer.

King Chip

From: Reps Cleveland.

For fans of: Chopped and screwed rap.

Sounds like: Though he has worked/is friends with Kid Cudi, King Chip’s more of a hypnotic street rapper, in the vein of Atlanta’s Gucci Mane.

Out soon: His second EP, “44108,” drops in September.

So what?: Like Scott, King Chip is an up-and-comer surrounded by the right people. By the time he releases an LP, his voice will be all over the radio.

Nadastrom (aka Dave Nada, left, and DJ Matt Nordstrom, right)

From: Born in D.C., based in LA. Guess they figured out you didn’t have to stay here and melt every summer.

For fans of: Dubby stuff. Melodic industrial grinding noises mixed with Latin instrumentation. Hypnotic beats. Summer. Dutch house music. Reggaeton.

Sounds like: Itself. The duo created the genre dubbed moombahton at a party in P.G. County when Nada slowed some Dutch electro house from 130 beats per minute to 108, the speed of reggaeton.

So what?: Moombahton is D.C.’s spawn, even if L.A. shares custody.

DJ Carnage

From: The City of Angels.

For fans of: Trance (rave-y). Trap (drum machine-y). People who can’t stop tweeting.

Sounds like: According to him, EVERYTHING. He recently announced his retirement from trap music and has entered the spacey realm of trace, so expect chill beats.

Out soon: He’ll soon be hosting “Incredible,” a SiriusXM show where he’ll spin all genres.

So what?: His live shows are known for their sweaty energy.


From: “Come to D.C., and I’ll make you a believer,” Wale raps on “Pretty Girls.” He reps his hometown hard.

For fans of: Words. Mixtapes. “Seinfeld” quotes (Wale’s odd obsession). Strong mission statements concerning style and content recently diluted under the shadow of Rick Ross, whose Maybach Music Group Wale signed to in 2011.

Sounds like: If Lupe Fiasco and Rick Ross had a baby.

Out soon: Wale just released his newest album, “The Gifted,” but his previous mixtape, “Folarin,” was slicker.

So what?: When he puts his mind to it, Wale is one of the best rappers in the game — and especially in D.C.

Half Street Fairgrounds, 1299 Half St. SE; Sat., noon-9 p.m., $39-$49. (Navy Yard)