Audiences may know comedian Brian Posehn from his role as one of the gay, stoner neighbors on Sarah Silverman’s Comedy Central series, or his stint as the mail guy on NBC sitcom “Just Shoot Me.” The 47-year-old, who’s in town to perform stand-up, is also a veteran sketch writer (“Mr. Show”), and he released a special, “The Fartist,” this year. He’s a big nerd, too. Here’s why.

Dungeon Master

On “The Sarah Silverman Program,” Posehn often played geekery’s game of choice, “Dungeons & Dragons,” a detail that extends to real life. On his podcast “Nerd Poker” (free on iTunes), Posehn and a group of friends prolong their adolescence as they venture on imaginary quests.

Comic Book Guy

A love for comic books netted Posehn a dream job: co-writing Marvel’s “Deadpool,” about the unstable, disfigured mercenary. The opportunity allows him to mess with iconic Marvel characters such as Spider-Man and Iron Man.

Heavy Metal Man

If the photo above wasn’t a giveaway, Posehn is a huge metalhead. He sang backup vocals on a track from the English thrash band Evile, and recorded a song called “Metal by Numbers” for his 2006 comedy album, “Live In: Nerd Rage.”

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