When Debbi Minkoff Miller, 49, talks about her Banana Love Muffins (bananalovemuffins.com), she usually doesn’t say “vegan” or “healthy.” And the banana bread recipe she originally used wasn’t either of those things. But as the Palisades resident’s diet evolved over the years, she deleted the dairy and eggs from the recipe and added in whole-wheat flour and applesauce. The result was a feel-good baked good, which she now makes for the masses out of the D.C. food incubator Union Kitchen. Since the official launch May 20, the muffins have been picked up by local online distributors Washington’s Green Grocer and Relay Foods, as well as the Corcoran’s Muse Cafe. The secret to the moist texture, Miller reveals, is the amount of banana in each mini muffin ($8-$9 a dozen). “They’re free from animal products and fat and they taste good,” she says. “Who wouldn’t want that?”