My kids are back in school, so I’ve decided to take up jogging. Can you recommend running shoes? —Marcia

Manolo says, asking the Manolo to recommend the running shoes is like asking the Eskimo to recommend the bikini swimsuit. The knowledge is more theoretical than practical.

The Manolo’s own experiences with running are largely confined to crossing the streets in the New York City and strolling quickly to the corner cafe before the happy hour ends.

Unless one is being chased by the wild beasts, the running has always seemed to the Manolo to be ill-advised. Worse, judging by current trends, the peoples who design the running shoes are the cruel bullies who delight in others wearing things that make them seem ridiculous.

For the example, the Manolo has noticed that many runners are wearing the neon-bright running shoes in colors such as lime green, traffic-cone orange or shocking purple, shoes that make the wearer appear to be part of the circus sideshow.

Or, worse, the Paleo-caveman shoes with the five-toes-sticking-out and “barefeet running” sole, which always seems to be worn by the people who are gingerly picking their way down the sidewalk.
This is why the Manolo recommends that if you do run, have the dignity and wear the traditional shoes, like the New Balance 587 ($145; It is the perfect shoe for running … down to the store for the bottle of wine and the aged cheese.