My husband and I are planning a trip to San Francisco and Sonoma County in late September. Between the must-see attractions in San Francisco and all of the wineries and breweries we’ll be visiting, I know we’ll be doing a lot of walking. Can you recommend a comfortable shoe for the trip?  —Sarah

Manolo says the Manolo cannot tell you how many questions he receives from the peoples who are traveling to the California to partake of the many and varied delights of the State of Goldenness.

Where else can one listen to the 23-year-old billionaires spouting hours of witless, tech-company start-up palaver in the morning and then dine magnificently in the evening on the fresh, free-range, sustainable Tomales Bay sea urchin roe, lightly seared in the peppery, Sonoma estate, small-batch, extra-super-extra virgin olive oil, served on the bed of Salinas baby frisee and Napa hand-grown infant chervil, garnished lightly with the wild-harvested Tule Lake blue horseradish and South Lodi heirloom kumquats, accompanied by the soupcon of Humboldt County abalone foam?

The weather will be magnificent, and so the Manolo recommends the Ambre from Mephisto, the super- comfortable, flat sandal in the finish amusingly called “Spice Perle Patent,” to be worn with something Californian and flowy ($240,