If you feel as though you’re walking on air in a pair of Rollie’s Derby lace-ups, it’s because you kind of are: The Aussie company claims its shoes weigh less than a chicken wing ( The durable leather kicks
are available locally at Betsy Fisher in such pop-y colors as red, yellow, green and pink ($100, 1224 Connecticut Ave. NW; 202-785-1975).

Elements In Style
Sean O’Harra, a Mount Rainier, Md.-based artist, built high-tech film props in Los Angeles before returning to more natural materials. His sinuous, rough-meets-sleek stools ($295-$545) and bowls (shown, $65-$195) are made from reclaimed wood, copper and stainless steel (available through and at Trohv, 232 Carroll St. NW; 202-829-2941). Results are a stirring testament to the simple beauty of nature.

State of Fashion?


Virginia may be famed for dirty politics and yummy ham, but it’s also a place where chic clothes get made. Styles by local creators star in a catwalk show at Fashion NOVA from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday at Fairfax Corner (4100 Monument Corner Drive, Fairfax). Among the stars: Leesburger Kim Schalk’s moody-yet-futuristic womenswear (top, shown, $120).

Feather Pen Optional
Our founding fathers tended to be erudite dudes. (Thanks, Jefferson, for that cool Declaration of Independence thingie!) One Canoe Two’s letterpress cards let you channel early presidents (George Washington, Andrew Jackson) with pithy portraits ($5.50 each, Red Barn Mercantile, 1117 King St., Alexandria; 703-838-0355). Use ’em to write your senator or invite a pal over for a rousing night of MSNBC.

Decor Scores
The cost of renting an apartment in the D.C. area can be staggering. But furnishing your 300-square-foot Petworth studio ($1,500 a month!) gets cheaper as HomeGoods, the bargain nesting chain, opens a store Sunday in Georgetown (3222 M St. NW). In a 50,000-square-foot space (shared with a new T.J. Maxx), find such deals as $20 laundry baskets, above, and $40 exotic-cool lamps, below.