Atlantic City is the setting for HBO’s Prohibition-era “Boardwalk Empire,” back for Season 4. Other networks should look at present-day Atlantic City — there’s material for many other TV shows!

In April, I stayed at a grand old hotel that is today a bit threadbare. My room was nonsmoking but smelled of smoke. I called the front desk to complain. A slight, middle-aged man soon arrived, armed with a spray bottle of generic air freshener. He sprayed everywhere. So the room smelled like cigarette smoke and pine trees! Idea for SNL character: the room-spray guy.

Hotel guests had to show a room key to board the elevator. I asked an Atlantic City resident why. He said, “Well, you don’t want to come back to your room and find a hooker doing business in your bed.” Idea for series: “The Hooker in Your Hotel Room.” Each week, a couple returns to their Atlantic City suite and is surprised to find guess who between the sheets.

On the boardwalk, you can hire a human being to push you in a rolling chair. Idea for reality show: “Amazing Rolling Chair Races!”