“The Mindy Project,” the sitcom about a self-absorbed OB-GYN, hit a stride of constant funniness last season. Will Season 2 measure up?

Consider this week’s premiere, written by series creator/star Mindy Kaling (9:30 p.m. Tuesdays on Fox ):

Kaling’s character, Dr. Mindy Lahiri, moved to Haiti with her pastor boyfriend, who awakens her at 5 a.m. to view the sunrise. She notes that the sunrise “looks like a douche ad” (pretty funny).

Mindy is in her wedding dress and her betrothed is in the bathroom next to her and accidentally pees on her dress (gross but funny and also groundbreaking).

James Franco plays Dr. Leotard (funny name), who replaces Mindy in the practice. After a gall bladder issue brings her back from Haiti, she tells him he is so hot he could have been a model. He explains he was a model, until, high on ecstasy, he fell off a runway and a pregnant woman broke his fall. Inspired, he became a doctor so he can help babies down the ultimate runway, the birth canal (extremely crazily Tina Fey funny).

Conclusion: “Mindy” achieves new levels of funnitude in the second season.