The world is divided into two camps. People who have obsessively watched every episode of “Breaking Bad” (AMC, Sun., 9 p.m.) and people who haven’t tuned in but heard it’s really good and plan to someday binge-watch all 62 episodes.

Nonwatchers, this column is for you.

Do you really have 62 future hours to devote to a TV show? Based on Internet time estimations, you could use those same hours to build a chicken coop and still have approximately 40 hours left over to feed the chickens and harvest the eggs.

My recommendation: Just. Watch. The finale. It’s on this coming Sunday. Sure, you won’t understand lots of things. But you will still end up crying like frequently terrorized baby Holly as you observe mild-mannered family man, chemistry teacher and lung cancer patient Walter White wage his final internal war against his own murderous, crystal-meth kingpin self.

Think how satisfying it will be next Monday when you can say to “Breaking Bad” fans at work: “Boy, Walt wasn’t kidding when he said, ‘I’ve still got things left to do.’ ”

And then get to work on that chicken coop.