Future Batman and Timbers get ready to run. (Scott Garfield) Future Batman and Timbers get ready to run. (Scott Garfield)

In “Runner Runner,” opening Friday, Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck are adversaries in some way, and there’s a poker game involved and probably some running. Let’s see if they could keep up with these movie joggers.

Forrest Gump
When things get tough, the tough go running. At least Forrest does, running for over three years in this 1994 Oscar winner.

Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams
Interval training — when you vary your speed during a run — is an important part of any race prep. These two British Olympians took intervals to a new level by running in slow motion in 1981’s “Chariots of Fire.”

Steve Prefontaine
Jared Leto (Yes! From “My So-Called Life”) played this Oregon distance runner in 1997’s “Prefontaine.” The real Pre could have been more aerodynamic if he had shaved his sizable mustache, but he would have looked 75 percent less awesome.

Running long distances is incredibly tough, as you can see in 1976’s “Marathon Man.” But what’s even worse is going to a sadistic dentist played by Laurence Olivier, who is so scary you’ll never skip flossing again.

In the 1998 German film “Run Lola Run,” a woman has 20 minutes to find 100,000 deutsche marks, or her boyfriend will die. Use that as motivation the next time you want to slow down to a walk midworkout.