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You create it; we find it and make it newsworthy. Or at least we make it interesting and/or funny. Welcome to your daily dose of Blog Log. Today we go into Beast Mode to discuss ancient comets, cheap eats and how you’re going to like the way you look — we guaranteed it:

Marshawn Lynch
A young project manager turning down after-hours beers, for instance, may explain that he has to pull an all-nighter, e-mailing, ‘ACTIVATE EXCEL BEAST MODE.’ ” — Molly Redden at breaks down what she calls “business-school bro” talk and, specifically, the term “beast mode.” “Beast mode,” which originated in the video game “Altered Beast,” has been adopted not only by “business-school bros” but by Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, who uses the term so frequently, it’s his nickname.


“The tl;dr version: that’s how the pyramids were made.” — commenter JaylanPHNX at jokes (“too long; didn’t read”) about recent research that determined a pebble found by an Egyptian geologist in 1996 is actually a fragment from a comet that destroyed part of Egypt 28 million years ago. The South African researchers who discovered the pebble’s origin published their results this week in Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

“The American dream of getting ten ill-fitting suits for one dollar is now in reach.” — Hamilton Nolan at comments on news that menswear brand Jos. A. Bank offered $2.3 billion to acquire suit discounters Men’s Warehouse. Jos. A. Bank disclosed the information Wednesday. Men’s Warehouse, however, rejected the offer, according to a report on Bloomberg.

“Economy must be doing great!!” — commenter Louis Stouch at waxes sarcastic about a survey released Tuesday that found businesspeople who bought meals with corporate credit cards tended to opt for fast food over fancy dinners. According to the expense-management-software firm that conducted the survey, Starbucks was the most-visited chain, with McDonald’s, Subway and Panera coming in second through fourth, respectively.

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