Many fans know actress/comedian Megan Mullally as the wisecracking (and Emmy Award-winning) sidekick from “Will & Grace.” And some recall her equally funny turn on Starz’s “Party Down.” But Mullally also has singing chops, which she shows off as half of the duo Nancy & Beth. She and her partner in musical madness, fellow actress Stephanie Hunt, appear Saturday at the Lincoln Theatre as part of the Bentzen Ball comedy fest.

Why Nancy & Beth, since neither one of you is Nancy or Beth?
We were trying to think of band names, and we came up with a list. Everything I kept thinking of was The Somethings. And then somehow, I put together Nancy & Beth. Stephanie liked it, so it was sort of fate.

How did this duo come about?
We both discovered we liked kind of 1950s songs, like “Please Mister Jailer.” And Stephanie and I are just simpatico. We started choreographing songs while standing in front of a mirror, and it made us laugh. It became a real element of our shows.

Yeah, you two do Supremes-style hand motions, dance and even throw your shoes off in unison. Where did that come from?
I think it’s just showbiz, and it’s fun. And we just got headset mikes, so now, all bets are off. Nothing can hold us back when we dance.

Aren’t glam outfits and updos a part of the stage show, too?
Yeah, we’re like two little girls playing dress up! We pick crazy things to wear, we do our hair and makeup. It’s fun.

And Nancy & Beth are in the midst of making a record, right?
We just recorded 12 songs, but it’s not done yet. It’s kind of like our greatest hits. It’s a bunch of up-tempo songs.

How do you and Stephanie decide which songs to cover?
Stephanie and I have what we call “The Freak-Out List.” When we hear a song, gasp and turn to each other, then it makes it on the list.

Are singing and acting different?
Well, there’s a lot of acting involved in singing, and there’s a lot of musicality in acting.

You’re also married to a professionally funny person [“Parks and Recreation” star Nick Offerman, also performing at the Bentzen Ball]. Do you guys crack each other up at home?
We do laugh a lot, we do our little bits. It is a built-in dynamic, part of sharing creativity.

You’re doing TV roles [“Children’s Hospital”] and voice-overs [“Bob’s Burgers”], too. Do you ever sleep?
Well, I do like variety!