Another day, another Blog Log because, unlike the government, the Internet does not shut down. Today, we learn the difference between “I twerked” and “I’ve been twerking,” as well as the scoop about home-brew, really big burgers and a tennis move that’s got Neo feeling a bit jealous.

“Miley, technically speaking, you’ve been LYING, not LAYING, an irregular verb form that should only be used when there’s an object.” — Sufjan Stevens at corrects pop star Miley Cyrus’ grammar on Monday in an open letter. Stevens, also a singer/songwriter, is particularly irked by the lyric “I been laying in this bed all night long” in Cyrus’ new single “#GetItRight.” In addition to the “lying” vs. “laying” issue, Stevens schools Cyrus about verb tenses.

“Woohoo! Our rightful place in history, getting men drunk!” — commenter Deb Dedon at jokes about data that suggests more women are getting involved in the craft-beer business. Some argue, however, that this isn’t new. Meg Gill, president and co-founder of Golden Road Brewing in Los Angeles, says women brewed beer before men, noting that most beer used to be brewed in the home.

“Should I get the rib patty? Or the beef patty? Or the fried shrimp patty? What about the cheeseburger? Screw it, you can get them all. At once.” — Brian Ashcraft at contemplates ordering the “With Everything Burger” (not pictured) at Japanese fast-food chain Lotteria. Squished between two bun halves is a beef patty topped with a cheeseburger, a rib patty, a fried-shrimp patty, a fried egg, cheese, cabbage, lettuce, pickles and a whole slew of sauces. Not bad for 1,130 yen ($11). Although, probably pretty bad for your arteries…

“People playing tennis on Wii have better groundstrokes than what Djokovic broke out in this game.” — Chris Chase at evaluates Novak Djokovic’s lapse in skills during a tennis title match Sunday against Juan Martin del Potro at the Shanghai Masters. Although Djokovic exhibited a series of gaffes, including tripping over his own feet and, at one point, appearing to knock himself over with an errant forehand that Chase dubbed, the “Wobbly Matrix/Wallenda/Inigo Montoya forehand,” he still won. And we have this gif to remember him by.

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