Before we dive into the day’s daily dose of Internet goodness, let us bow our heads — then maybe brush our teeth — to remember the legacy left behind by Hans Riegel, the creator of the gummy bear and CEO of Haribo, who died on Tuesday at the age of 90. We shall pour one out of the bag for you. Then eat it because no good gummy bear should go to waste. R.I.P.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

“Her show is transformative and I don’t think any concert will ever compare.” — Jackie at praises singer Janelle Monae’s (pictured above) performance Monday night at D.C.’s newly reopened Lincoln Theatre. Jackie reports that the audience was dancing and jumping around for the entire 90-minute high-energy show.

“Don’t tell Ron Swanson.” — @MomStuffPodcast attempts to protect Ron Swanson — the bacon-loving character played by Nick Offerman on the sitcom “Parks and Recreation” — from the results of a new study that says eating bacon and other processed meats can lower a man’s sperm count. On the flip side, the Harvard study says that consuming fish could actually raise sperm counts in men.

“The local sentiment would probably be ‘find a way to get your football team over .500 first.’ ” — Dan Steinberg at speaks for many when assessing recent statements by Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. Griffin, who’s also an accomplished track and field athlete, said in a video last week that “someway, somehow” he would represent the United States in the Olympics. “Maybe it’s track, maybe it’s badminton, maybe it’s pingpong. I’ll find a way to get to the Olympics,” he said.

“You rock for doing something positive while being furloughed. (I have always loved black cats, too.)” — commenter Brutalism at congratulates blogger Phnx65, a D.C.-area furloughed government employee, for doing something productive with her unwanted time off. After visiting a startup animal shelter in Montana and falling in love with a black cat named Cole, the blogger decided to help build a website for the shelter in the hopes that it will help find Cole, and others, a happy home.

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