While we waited for the National Zoo’s #pandacam to return (IT’S BACK!), we continued to wrap ourselves in the warm blanket that is the rest of the Internet. Let’s start off with talk about D.C.’s latest furry star before we learn why Cookie Monster is the Lindsey Lohan of Sesame Street and more.

“Long live Fantastic Mr. Shutdown Fox.” — Matt Cohen at cheers on a fox (not pictured) that has taken up residence on the White House lawn during the shutdown, according to Obama Foodorama, a blog about White House food initiatives. The fox is reportedly fond of Michelle Obama’s kitchen garden, located on the South Lawn, where squirrels have also been spotted stealing food while many of the groundskeepers are furloughed. However, we think we now know what the fox might say: “Can I please stay after the shutdown ends? Bo and I can be best friends.”

“I’m calling bull—- on this. Someone’s trying to explain away a huge invoice for Oreos and pharmaceutical cocaine.”— commenter silentb at doubts the results of a new study out of Connecticut College that found Oreos to be as addictive as cocaine in lab rats. The study found that the cookies even “activated significantly more neurons than cocaine or morphine.” Our conclusion: Cookie Monster isn’t just selfish — he may be an addict and need help.

“Nuke your homescreen. Cleanse your phone. Save yourself. It’s worth it.” — Charlie Warzel at advocates for emptier smartphones after a technological snafu deleted all of his apps. Warzel said he felt a sense of freedom and tranquility before “reality set in” and he realized he needed at least a few apps on his phone to perform his daily duties. He maintains, however, that he’s kept extraneous apps off his screen.

“I can’t imagine waving an orange flag around just to cross the street when I have the right of way.” — LIT at imagines how bad traffic must be around Washington Hospital Center after spotting a sign at a crosswalk on the hospital’s grounds that instructs pedestrians to hold a blaze-orange flag while crossing the street. The flags are attached to the sign for pedestrians to use.

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