The Hirshhorn is open for business. Marge Ely / For The Washington Post The Hirshhorn is open for business. Marge Ely / For The Washington Post

The furlough certainly wasn’t fun, but one D.C. museum made its post-furlough reopening announcement funny. Read more about that and some other wondrous Web tidbits in the last Blog Log of this simultaneously long and short week.

“The Hirshhorn reopens at 10 am. To make up for lost time, please look twice as hard. Thank you.” — @hirshhorn, the Twitter account of the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, advises art lovers to make up for lost time. The museum, which showcases world-class modern art, was closed for the duration of the shutdown. It is now officially reopened, along with the rest of the Smithsonians.

“And the trolling for dates only accelerated as the shutdown dragged on.” — Benjamin Freed at summarizes a set of statistics that reveal D.C.-area residents spent a lot of time looking for love during the furlough. According to the dating site Zoosk, during the first week of the shutdown, the site’s Washington-area users who expressed a desire to meet others increased by 91.6 percent; during the second week, it increased by 110 percent.

“While I will miss workout clothes being my go-to wardrobe choice on a daily basis, it’s good to feel like a productive member of society again.” — Jess at celebrates putting on work-appropriate attire after being furloughed during the government shutdown. But while she writes Thursday that she’s feeling more productive, she notes that she will miss the newfound hobby she picked up during her unwanted days off — cooking. She made everything from peanut-butter bars to butternut squash soup.

“Your kitty sees in Instagram, it seems.” — Shaunacy Ferro at assesses a new project by artist Nickolay Lamm that compares what humans see to what a cat might see. Lamm based his work on science, which shows that cats lack some of the color receptors that most humans have, meaning felines cannot see red, orange or brown. This results in what the artist thinks would be retro-looking, slightly washed-out images. Yep, your cat’s a hipster.

“When was the last time you heard of someone paying $2,000 for a brand-new Motorola RAZR flip phone?” — Mike Wehner at wonders why unopened packages containing the original iPhone 2G, which came out in 2007, have been selling on sites such as eBay for nearly $2,000 a pop, while other obsolete technologies are considered almost valueless. It might have something to do with Apple’s cult following. In May, an original Apple computer, the Apple-1, which was designed and built by hand by Steve Wozniak in 1976, went for $663,000 at auction.

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