Government workers form a line at a food truck on Maryland Avenue, SW in Washington, D.C., at lunchtime on Thursday. BILL O’LEARY / THE WASHINGTON POST

1. Enjoying Our Own City

Sightseers can rejoice: Federally funded museums, monuments and parks are back open for business. Runners can breathe easy, too. Shutdown threats to cancel several local races, including the Marine Corps Marathon, have been averted. The MCM will go on as planned Oct. 27 — just in time for the city to avoid an angry mob with lots of stamina.

2. Food-Truck Lunching

Though some furloughed employees said their time off allowed them to brush up on their home-cooking skills, many are relieved to have someone else do the work again. And the city’s myriad food trucks were happy to oblige. Eager to feed hungry back-to-workers, they swarmed the downtown streets Thursday.

3. The Routine

The occasional break from routine is nice — that’s called a vacation. But a constant break? That’s not a routine, that’s a rut, which might explain why so many commuters going back to work Thursday seemed to be so happy. No seat on the Metro? No matter. The ex-furloughed were just happy to have a job to go to again. And get paid for it.

4. Hating Other Things

This tweet just about sums it up: “Awful people at DC parties can no longer ask ‘how is the shutdown affecting you?,’ will go back to asking ‘where do you work?’ ” — @timothypmurphy

5. #PandaCam Coffee Breaks

The National Zoo’s panda cam returned Thursday to such high demand that the zoo’s technology couldn’t keep up, resulting in 30 minutes of panda-less darkness on eager viewers’ computer screens, reports The Washington Post’s Michael E. Ruane. No wonder though — this gal has grown a lot! And we don’t want to miss another moment.