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With rat infestations, derriere call-outs, manly sing-alongs and ALL THE MILLENNIALS, there’s a lot going on in this locally focused edition of Blog Log. So, let’s get right into it, shall we?

“I’m sure young rednecks would equally annoy me if I was a chicken farmer on the eastern shore.” — redditor JetAirliner on reacts to a Washington Post article about how the influx of millennials into D.C. is changing the culture of the city. JetAirliner, who claims to be “no fan of hipster/youngster-infused nightlife in D.C.,” however, notes it’s not the cultural differences about millennials that are annoying, but that they are simply young. Touché.

“ ‘FAT BUTT!’ echoed off the walls of the metro corridor as if this man had magically obtained a megaphone.” — Tara Sampson at relates an encounter with a man at the Woodley Park Metro station on Sunday. She writes that the man interrupted a “very enthusiastic conversation with himself” to shout the words “fat butt” at her while she was waiting for the train. Instead of being embarrassed, however, Sampson embraced the remarks, noting that she’d been working out with a trainer to shape her rear. She texted “Mission Accomplished” to her trainer. Well played.

“Maybe it’s not too many rats, it’s just not enough snakes?” — commenter Alan at jokingly questions how Logan Circle residents are looking at their neighborhood’s rat infestation. As development continues along 14th Street NW, officials have received so many complaints that the Advisory Neighborhood Commission and the D.C. departments of Public Works and Health held a “rat summit” Sunday night to talk about it. Unsurprisingly, the idea to introduce massive amounts of snakes to the streets didn’t come up.

“This is as merry and full-throated a version of ‘Hail to the Redskins’ as you will ever hear from four sober men in suits.” — Dan Steinberg at describes a unique rendition of the Redskins’ fight song that aired during the ESPN 980 radio broadcast of the Redskins-Bears game on Sunday. After every touchdown, broadcasters Larry Michael, Sonny Jurgensen, Chris Cooley and Doc Walker would sing the song enthusiastically with the fans in the stadium. And now they can sing it with us right now thanks to DC Sports Bog‘s vision to post it on Soundcloud. Seems like a Top 10 hit to us.

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