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Katy Perry snuck up on me on the dance floor. The year was 2008, and I was having a knee-jerk, lesbionic reaction to her infamous breakout song “I Kissed a Girl.” But she got that cherry Chap Stick detail so dead-on that it all came off sexy, relatable and fun.

I’ve been waiting for her new disc, “Prism,” which drops today, since I heard the first single, “Roar,” which manages to recall Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” as much as the ’70s women’s-movement anthem “I Am Woman.” It whips girls at the club into a frenzy unseen since Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” with no bridezilla aftertaste.

It’s been three years since Perry’s last album, “Teenage Dream,” which generated five No. 1 hits (a feat matched only by Michael Jackson’s “Bad”). The songs are mostly about how she loves herself, her friends and sunshine. It melted my Popsicle as well as my icy, indie-loving heart.

“Prism” is more mature. Most of the songs are about picking herself back up, loving herself, believing in herself. But she’s been through a high-profile divorce and didn’t smash up a single SUV with an umbrella. AND she brought Helen Reddy back into musical relevance. She’s got the eye of the tiger.